Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rugs I have made

**Updated Post Sept 23/09**
Some rugs for your inspiration pleasure.
These are some of the rugs I've made. All have found good homes.
Some were from patterns, when I know, I've listed the names of the creators.
I really like this rug, I've made many mats like this.

The "Hit and Miss" rug below is one of my first rugs, I've since "found my rhythm" as my friend Cee would say. My stitching has changed dramatically from my first rugs.
I have recently reduced the price of my Hit and Miss rug kits.
Look in my etsy shop (the Hexagon Kit 12" x 12" was $49.99 now $39.99)

The rug below, I saw a photo in a magazine, Country Home Nov/Dec 2001, page 56 rug by Jeanette McVay. It appeared to be done on a backing. I did this one in three stacks with "personal" or "self" backings. The teardrops are self backed as well.

This rug is easy to make in any size. You don't need a pattern. I've made many of this style. Stitch single, two stack or three stacks to a backing. Carefully cut around the edge and finish with more stitching. I didn't back this rug at all. All the stitching shows on the backside, that's just fine.
This is a rug pattern by Barbara Bond. I found it in the now extinct Country Home Folk Crafts Magazine, October 1994. (I think there was only six issues of this wonderful magazine.) There is a nice article about Barbara Bond and her rugs, including some instructions.
"Tapestries of Times Past".
I think I backed this one...
This rug was inspired by another photograph in a magazine somewhere.
I enjoyed laying it out and assembling it. It is lined on the back.
(it went to a very nice home)
I keep saying I'll make another, haven't.

The rug below is also a pattern. Instead of framing it in a wooden frame as was suggested,
I trimmed it in self backed three stacks. This was in a pattern booklet by Backyard Quilts, the booklet is called "All Things primitive".
Ahh, I LOVE this rug, everyone has seen the pattern out there for this one,
by Lakeview Primitves.

Super easy to make the mat below, you certainly don't need a pattern!
I've made many! These pennies are stitched to an overdyed white blanket with a muslin handstitched backing.

I haven't stitched much in the last while, still resting my carpal tunnel wrist, darn thing. (I've been wearing a brace at night for more than 3 months!)
Enough whining from me!
I'm always putting together custom orders and I have lots of pennies and kits/patterns in my etsy shop.
If you want some special colours, or sizes just ask.
Maybe a post in the future of books and magazines I've used for research?
I would have to thank a great group of women ruggers/hookers that I spent some wonderful time with on a Ebay chat group that turned into a Yahoo chat group. Don't be afraid to join a group and ask others for help! It could be on the internet, in your neighborhood, your church?
You may make some wonderful friends, I did!
This is a shout out to the Wool and Rags group if you're listening?


  1. Thanks for sharing pictures of your beautiful rugs - they're inspiring! Hope your wrist is healing nicely.

  2. Those are just beautiful! I want one of each!
    Have a great day and enjopy this sunshine, Kimberly

  3. I have missed you and am glad you are back. I am thrilled to get to see your work, I is always an inspiration. Welcome back!

  4. Love them all - you are such an inspiration! Rest your wrist (say it three times faat) then get back to work! hugs,

  5. Your stitching is always impeccable and I love the inspiration of seeing your mats. I hope that after you rest your sore parts that you are ready to be stitching again soon. It's frustrating when our body parts don't cooperate with making our crafting obsessions.

  6. Love your inspire me to get to work and finish everything that I have started!


  7. Hi everyone! thanks for your lovely comments. A special hello to my old wool and rags group chums!

  8. Just wonderful! You do fantastic work! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Thank you for sharing. You do wonderful work!

  10. Wonderful rugs my dear friend