Friday, May 8, 2009

Calling all Penny Rug Lovers

A loud shout out to penny rug lovers!

A tutorial is in the works, in the meantime
I have just listed 3 Penny Rug Kits in my etsy shop for this rug.

They will come to the purchaser in stacks like this

This is how they are laid out....

The kits do not include thread, fabric to stitch the pennies to, or needles.
These are 3", 2" and 1" felted wool circles/pennies.
I will include a baggie of extra pennies for you to play with

or to alter the layout to your desire.

I recommend cotton, wool, burlap, feedsack,

whatever you have for the base and backing of this rug.

I recommend a #20 or #22 chenille to stitch with and #10 crochet cotton or #8 perle cotton.

Crochet cotton will give you a flat finish and perle cotton will have sheen or a somewhat shiny finsh.

I will be posting a tutorial about the construction of this rug.

Gather your wools, threads and needles and join me soon!


  1. That is a lot of work! Wow! I love to stitch but would be so tired by the time it got done.
    Wonderful though.

  2. I love your penny rugs -- I am new to the craft, stumbled upon it while searching craft websites and I am thoroughly and forever hooked! Thanks for sharing your penny rug journey. Maryann

  3. I ordered my rug kit and was so excited when it arrived this week! I'm just waiting for my order of brown cotton thread so I can begin pre-sewing my pennies! I spent the last 2 hours reading all your tips and posts so I was ready to begin. I still haven't found the rug backing but I figure I have plenty of time before all these pennies are ready! Thanks again!