Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Craft of Handmade Rugs

Through the friendship and kindness of others
I've found great book titles and learned even more about wool
and stitching than I thought I could ever know.

I love collecting books about things I'd like to make.
Here is a very old book that my dear friend Cee recommended to me.

The Craft of Hand-made Rugs
By Ami Mali Hicks
Published by McBride,
Nast & Company
I found this copy on the internet, it is in public domain
and I would like to share it with you.
It's fully downloadable.

It's just so old. If you like old, you'll like this book.
Lots of rug making and dyeing techinques.
There is a chapter on Penny Rugs.
Check chapter I.V. page 53"The Scalloped Doormat or Tongue Rug".

Turn the pages with a click of your mouse


hold your cursor over the leaf of the pages to find the page you would like.


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