Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Finding my way back

Hello out there to blogland.
I've finding my way back...via the piles in my studio.
Catching up on orders, thanking everyone for their heartfelt wishes of condolences
and basically digging through all the things that "I will get to later".

I recently had a two week rest with my hubby at our cabin,
some rainy days, some sunny days. Lots of golf for hubby...
lots of thrift store and garage sale shopping for me....
a perfect vacation!

Let me share some finds with you today.
I love pincushions...what is it about tomatoes?
My quest is to find the old ones,
the handmade ones, the unique ones.
I vision a jar full of tomatoes!

Here are two favourite tomatoes and a handmade stool with ears?
I don't quite know what to call the mauve and green one?

And a metal tin with a cushion on top, very nice and worn.
Check this lovely stack of worn ticking and linen.
They will line the backs of some penny rugs soon.

One of the best sewing items I was blessed to obtain this summer, was my mother's needlebook. Nothing really special, just something very old that she always used.

It's threadbare, very worn. It opens up a lot of memories.

I enjoyed straightening her pins...they were never straight and not always on the inside!


  1. This is a lovely thing to have, your mom's needlebook. I have my Mom's too and I smile every time I use it.

  2. I'm so glad you're working your way back. Thanks for sharing your treasures with us. Glad to hear you took some time at your cabin doing your favorite things. We missed you.