Thursday, April 10, 2008

Playing with Pennies

I thought I'd share photos of my woolly worms with everyone. I didn't know there are actually creatures called woolly worms, moth larvae actually...big caterpillars! My threaded pennies really look like them! Here in British Columbia, Canada I've never seen them as big...except in my stuido, as seen in the photo below! (Maybe if I hang them outside they'll predict the weather?!)

This pile of threaded pennies/wooly worms will become a very large runner.
Its' so easy to take a strand of pennies in my purse; for penny stitching moments whenever they arise.

I love the mixture of jewel and muted tones.
Someone told me they look like buttons.

Here's some stitched up. Now it's "play time", checking the layout.
This runner will grow and grow
as I add more to the width and the length, very easy.

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1 comment:

  1. I tried out your "wooly worm" method when I made my last penny rug and I loved it. It made keeping all my pennies in order so easy. I'm sure I'll do this from now on. Oh, and we have wooly worms here in VA too, but not really big.

    Your penny rugs are beautiful and thanks for sharing all the info.